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This is Matt and Karen, we’re on set. I’m wearing a fez.
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Doctor: Do you ever look in the mirror and think, “I’ve seen that face before?”
Barney: Yes.
Doctor: Really? When?
Barney: Well, every time I look in the mirror.
Doctor: Oh, yes, yes, yes. Fair enough. Good point. My face is fresh on, though…

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Get to know me meme: [3/5] Favorite Male Characters: The First Doctor

"Yes, it all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard, and now it’s turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure, don’t you think?"

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The Doctor + deciding his new look

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One Gifset per episodeSchool Reunion

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Things in Doctor Who that made me laugh
(more than usual[5/?]
    → “He’s always in trouble”

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